LA Fitness Prices

LA Fitness is a fitness center that began in Irvine, California. It was founded by three people: Louis Welch, Lisa Maria Novins, and Chin Yol Yi.

These three people will make LA Fitness one of the major brands in the fitness industry that has ever existed because of the aggressive expansion. They remain one of the most well-known fitness franchises in the United States.

Here are the latest Prices of LA Fitness (Updated in 2023).




Monthly Memberships Single Club

All plans have a $49.00 annual fee.

6 Month Term

1 Person

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Single Club)0
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Single Club)34.99
Total Initial Payment (One Person) (Single Club)69.98

2 Persons

Initiation Fee (2 Persons) (Single Club)0
Monthly Fee (2 Persons) (Single Club)69.98
Total Initial Payment (2 Persons) (Single Club)139.96

3 Persons

Initiation Fee (3 Persons) (Single Club)0
Monthly Fee (3 Persons) (Single Club)104.97
Total Initial Payment (3 Persons) (Single Club)209.94

4 Persons

Initiation Fee (4 Persons) (Single Club)0
Monthly Fee (4 Persons) (Single Club)139.96
Total Initial Payment (4 Persons) (Single Club)279.92

Monthly Memberships Multi Club

All plans have a $49.00 annual fee.

1 Person

Initiation Fee (1 Person) (Multi Club)49
Monthly Fee (1 Person) (Multi Club)34.99
Total Initial Payment (1 Person) (Multi Club)118.98

2 Persons

Initiation Fee (2 Persons) (Multi Club)74
Monthly Fee (2 Persons) (Multi Club)69.98
Total Initial Payment (2 Persons) (Multi Club)213.96

3 Persons

Initiation Fee (3 Persons) (Multi Club)99
Monthly Fee (3 Persons) (Multi Club)101.97
Total Initial Payment (3 Persons) (Multi Club)311.91

4 Persons

Initiation Fee (4 Persons) (Multi Club)124
Monthly Fee (4 Persons) (Multi Club)139.96
Total Initial Payment (4 Persons) (Multi Club)403.92

Add Amenities

Racquetball/Squash Courts (Included)0
2 guests per visit (Included)0
Openfit. Each member is charged separately per amenity5
City Sports and LA Fitness Access (Included)0
Group Fitness (Included)0
Pool/Whirlpool Spa (Included)0
Cycle Class (Included)0

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How Can You Join LA Fitness?

Joining this fitness center is like drinking water. It is a basic requirement. The min. Age requirement for joining LA Fitness is sixteen years.

Patrons just have to sign the waiver and fill out the form. Apart from the basic paperwork in the fitness center, there’s another way of joining this gym.

Interested people have to go to and then click on the Join Now button. It might vary depending on the site set up by the local fitness franchise, but presently, the high-ranking Google search result is their main site.

Utilizing the drop-down menu, people can select what area they’re actually in or what they’d want to commit to. After selecting a location, the site will show the user the fitness center locations.

The result will also show contact information. The next part is basically selecting what membership type the person is interested in.

How To Get A Day Pass At LA Fitness?

Luckily, anybody can get the day pass at LA Fitness, given that they have not utilized any in the previous six months.

Relying on the LA Fitness location, guests can have up to three or even seven days of unrestricted access to gym amenities.

The facilities included in the day pass also differ by region, so guests need to contact their local LA fitness for more details.

  • Membership Advantages:

Joining LA Fitness has many advantages. Members get access to top-quality equipment. There is much equipment too, so there is no line at the squat rack.

Apart from the equipment, here are a few of the advantages people enjoy once they sign up for LA Fitness.

  • Unlimited Group Classes:

The first advantage has to be the unlimited times one can actually join the group fitness class. A lot of individuals do not like the risk associated with big crowds since the pandemic is not over; however, the condition is getting better.

With protocols in place, a lot of individuals do not need to be anxious about attending group classes or gatherings.

Group classes comprise Aquafit and Zumba, two of the most in-demand exercises in LA Fitness. Zumba is a really fun group class where the emphasis is on having fun while burning away calories, while Aquafit is a more slow-paced exercise done in water.

Aquafit is ideal for those with joint issues or for those who have just gone back from therapy and want to shed a few excess pounds.

Other group classes also comprise Body Works plus Abs and Boot Camp conditioning, which is a core-focused workout program.

  • LA Fitness’ Complimentary Fitness Assessment:

In other words, it is a physical assessment. It’s done to assist in gauging the person’s abilities (i.e., whether it is age-appropriate or their build restricts or allows them from certain workouts).

It’s free and is administered by one of the several fitness coaches LA Fitness employs.

The fitness assessment will be the basis for the exercise plan, as well as the nutrition plan for assisting members in losing weight or gaining weight, whichever is suitable.

  • Pools:

Since LA Fitness offers group Aquafit classes, it makes sense that they would have a pool big enough for those who want to switch up their workouts.

Pools are an awesome alternative to workouts or treadmills that are contemplated high-impact for joints.

Water sports also depend on more muscle groups; denoting swimming can be an amazing way of burning calories while engaging the greatest number of main muscle groups.

  • Professional Training:

LA Fitness would not be capable of making it to the top five most well-known Fitness Brands in the United States if it were not for trainers.

Such fitness professionals have a verified track record and are physically fit themselves.

The coaches give immediate feedback with regard to performing the right technique, and they also make custom meal plans to assist their members in achieving their perfect weights.

Changes Since Covid-19:

The majority of LA Fitness locations follow the protocols provided by the government of California.

While the situation for coronavirus is clearly better than in 2020 and the last year, it is not a go-signal for everybody to begin disregarding safety protocols.

The majority of LA Fitness locations have mask policies, but the most common one followed would be social distancing.

The gym also keeps its members safe by performing routine cleaning on all of their equipment and health checks so that the risk of COVID transmission is at an all-time low.

For more details about LA Fitness, go to their official site.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Is LA Fitness Costly?

  • Monthly Fee (One Person) – $33.99 Cancellation Fee (One Person): 0.00 dollars
  • Monthly Memberships: 1 Individual Initiation Fee (One Person): 49.00 dollars
  • All plans have a 49.00 dollars annual fee.

Q: How Much Does LA Fitness Really Cost?

They begin at around 34 dollars for one individual, and they also charge more for facilities. Courts are about 7 dollars, and guest privileges are about 20 bucks.

Q: Can You Negotiate With LA Fitness?

Yes. Always go in person and ask for promotions and deals they have at the moment.

Q: Is LA Fitness A Good Fitness Center?

LA Fitness is one of the top all-around fitness centers because of its extensive facilities and free classes that have memberships.