Preventable Causes Of Bulging Waistlines

Preventable Causes Of Bulging Waistlines

It has long been a well-known fact that in the United States, the percentage of obese and overweight adults is really high. The newest statistics show that over ⅔ of all American adults are either obese or overweight. It’s quite simple to comprehend and confirm, actually.

You simply need to go out and check out the protruding waistlines of the individuals around you. In fact, the odds are that you may have the same issue. And the issue of bulging waistlines is getting even worse. Men’s waistlines in the United States averaged thirty-nine inches back in 2000.

By the end of the year 2016, that reached 40.2 inches. A similar upsurge is also seen in ladies’ waistlines. The average for ladies back in 2000 was 36.3 inches, and by 2016 it reached 38.6 inches. The statistics are perhaps even worse at the moment in 2022, when the majority of us spend all our days at home.

At least the fitness centers are open now, so we can all attempt to attack that big waistline and get to the trimmer form. A lot of country and golf clubs, such as the Bay Club in California, also provide terrific gyms that will assist you in losing weight and getting trimmer.

But prevention is better than cure, as many individuals love to say. So, it is an excellent idea that you ought to have a better comprehension of what causes larger waistlines. That way, you are more likely to understand how you can stop the issue from getting even worse.



As you get older, you are more likely to grow a bulging belly. For both women and men, the capability of burning calories usually decreases as they get older. Muscle mass simply gets smaller as the years pass. So, how does it assist you? After all, it is not as if you can simply stop getting older.

The point, however, is that if the body does not burn calories as proficiently as you’re younger, then you will get augmented fat production if you insist on eating the same number of calories every day. That denotes you have to compensate for this issue. You’ll need to decrease your calorie intake as you get older.

Chronic Stress:

A lot of research studies show that chronically stressed individuals are more likely to yield to a high-fat and high-sugar diet. And that is the type of diet that can cause a bulging waistline. Stress is also extremely common, as the American Institute of Stress has discovered that seventy-seven percent of adults frequently experience the physical symptoms of stress.

Stress is a renowned contributing issue to many psychological and physical health problems. It causes cortisol production, which affects how your body saves fat around your lower abdomen. When you are stressed, cortisol’s higher levels in the body somehow make you think more about having snacks and sweet drinks. That’s how the idea of comfort food emerged, actually.

Lack Of Workout:

It’s possibly one of the most understandable causes of a potbelly. You do not burn off as many calories as you consume, so the body changes such excess calories into fat. It just so happens that your belly is one of the most common fat sources in your body.

It can also be affected by your age since you are not as active as you were in your twenties and thirties. But it is also an issue even among younger adults, who lack either the discipline or time to work out frequently.

Begin with brisk walks daily, and then take it seriously enough that you get the fitness center membership. They frequently even have trainers who can actually guide you on the top age-appropriate workouts you can do.


Ever notice how many regular beer drinkers have bigger-than-average bellies? A mug of beer might have 250 calories (327 calories in 750ml), which does not seem bad as drinks actually go. But unlike with sodas, you are more likely to have six to eight mugs of beer, particularly if you are a veteran drinker. It is not only with beer, either.

A lot of drinking of any liquor can cause increased calorie consumption. Many folks tend to have this urge to consume after a bout of drinking. And alcohol also decreases the body’s ability to burn off fat. That is because the liver is really busy burning off that alcohol in the body!

All things considered, be aware of such potential causes of bulging waistlines, and you might be capable of avoiding having a serious issue with it in the future.

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